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Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast


Jan 19, 2016

In this episode, your hosts go back to basics and bust the popular myths of the Samurai.  They look at Loyalty, Honor, who could become Samurai, Seppuku, and other myths and misconceptions of the Samurai.  This  episode is part one of two.

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Mentioned in this podcast:

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John Grey
over ten months ago


I just wasted a lot of time listening to you guys babbling nonsense about things that no one asked.

The question was: Has the reality anything to do with the myth of what modern Japanese love to see as the reality of Samurai?

It would have been a good idea to actually listen to this nonsense before publishing?????

Jeses f.... CHrist, you guiys arte jiust americxamns spo we will gove ypou some ccredit when it comes to thinking, but was an insulkt.

Go ahead and listen to it once more....